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Mr. B's Takin' Care of Business NewslettersWhile I enjoy multimedia and digital resources, I still respect the power of the printed word and know from experience that the digital readers and video displays will not make paper/hardcopies entirely obsolete.  Sometimes we use printed versions of

I create a living textbook for my classes, scouring the web for the latest news that illustrates real-world ways that each concept in my classes impacts students now and/or in the future.  I publish them as a "living textbook.

These are the newsletters we are using in the Business Principle classes this semester (Fall 2017).  Please check back as I update this page frequently!

January 2018

  1. Amazon Moves Into Fresh Groceries
  2. Changes Coming to Grocery Stores in 2018
  3. Is Subway in a Downward Spiral?
  4. KFC Founder Colonel Sanders
  5. McDonald's in for a Great 2018?
  6. Pepsi Stock vrs Coke Stock
  7. Sears Stopped TV Ads This Holiday Season
  8. Teens Making Millions on Lunch Breaks
  9. Teens Making Millions II
  10. What's a Pasty, Eh?

December 2017

  1. Duluth Trading Posts Loss, Stock Plunges
  2. Hot Dog! Oscar Mayer Upgrades Iconic Product
  3. Insensitive Marketing: Bakery's Sausage Roll Jesus
  4. Is the Big Mac a Big Boy?
  5. More Retailers Do Markdown Math for You
  6. Pricing During the Holiday Season
  7. Real Versus Artificial Christmas Trees

November 2017

  1. How Cranberries Became a Thanksgiving Tradition
  2. Lasting Pop Fad:  Pop Tarts
  3. Potatoes Sales Heat Up
  4. [The] History of Twinkies

October 2017

  1. Charging What the Market Will Bear:  Surge Pricing
  2. Halloween Candy
  3. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Sales Flat
  4. Player Salaries DO NOT Raise Prices
  5. Retailers Bottle Milk, Raising Pressure on Dairies

September 2017

  1. Cheerios’ Failed Case for Yellow (NOTE:  Can you spot my Desktop Publishing "tip N trick" in the layout)
  2. For Many Couples, Coke vs Pepsi Matters
  3. Oil Rises, Gas Down, Refineries Restart
  4. Premium Gas Prices
  5. Pricing Strategies
  6. Stephon Marbury Reveals How Much Nike Sneakers Actually Cost To Make
  7. Target vrs WalMart:  Best Price?
  8. Texas Frac Sand Boom Hurts Wisconsin Mines (Supply & Demand)

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