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Mr. B's Takin' Care of Business NewslettersWhile I enjoy multimedia and digital resources, I still respect the power of the printed word and know from experience that the digital readers and video displays will not make paper/hardcopies entirely obsolete.  Sometimes we use printed versions of

I create a living textbook for my classes, scouring the web for the latest news that illustrates real-world ways that each concept in my classes impacts students now and/or in the future.  I publish them as a "living textbook.

These are the newsletters we are using in the Business Principle classes this semester (Fall 2017).  Please check back as I update this page frequently!


  1. Cheerios’ Failed Case for Yellow (NOTE:  Can you spot my Desktop Publishing "tip N trick" in the layout)
  2. For Many Couples, Coke vs Pepsi Matters
  3. Oil Rises, Gas Down, Refineries Restart
  4. Premium Gas Prices
  5. Pricing Strategies
  6. Target vrs WalMart:  Best Price?
  7. Texas Frac Sand Boom Hurts Wisconsin Mines (Supply & Demand)

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