Spring Break 2017 is Almost Here!

Easter Eggs Decorating Each OtherTime to take a deep breath, get some rest & relaxation, and come back to school focused on finishing the school year on a positive note.  It really has been FANTASTIC! hasn't it?!?! 

Have a fun spring break.  Let's continue the fun when we come back.  Please be sure to check out Enews' Definitive List of the Best and Worst Easter Candy (Ranked Worst-to-Best)


Fun Spring Links

  1. 20 Ways to Make a Bunny by Typing Characters on Your Keyboard
  2. Bubbles Bunny Game
  3. Bugged Bunny
  4. Bunnies & Zombies
  5. Bunny B-Ball
  6. Bunny Battle
  7. Bunny Bubbles Joke Game
  8. Bunny Coloring
  9. Bunny Emoticons
  10. Bunny Games (From Cooking Games)
  11. Bunny Games (More than 260 different ones to play)
  12. Bunny Games (Y8 -- more than 265 to choose from)
  13. Bunny Invasion
  14. Bunny Jump
  15. Bunny Land
  16. Bunny Run
  17. Bunny vs Beetles
  18. BunnyLimpics Basketball
  19. Buzzy Bunny
  20. Carrot Quest
  21. Catch the Candy
  22. Chat with the Easter Bunny!
  23. Chat with BearBot!  The world's most intelligent teddy bear.
  24. Chicken Jump
  25. Cute Bunny Game
  26. Cute Easter Bunny Dress Up Game
  27. Decorate a Virtual Egg:  Make an egg for Easter - choose the cup, the pattern and the colors
  28. Dress up the Easter Bunny
  29. Easter Around the World:  Click on a country to see how they celebrate
  30. Easter Basketball
  31. Easter Blast!
  32. Easter Break: Click on a group of two or more Easter objects to clear them from the board
  33. Easter Bunny Jump
  34. Easter Bunny Typing
  35. Easter Bunny Typing Game
  36. Easter Bunnies Typing
  37. Easter Bunny's Forest Club Game
  38. Easter Candy Collection Online
  39. Easter Coloring
  40. Easter Coloring Book
  41. Easter Connect
  42. Easter Egg Designer
  43. Easter Egg Dress Up
  44. Easter Egg Hop!
  45. Easter Egg Hunt: Seven secrets of the world wide web
  46. Easter Egg Hunt (abcYa!)
  47. Easter Egg Hunt (SoftSchools)
  48. Easter Egg Hunt (Y8)
  49. Easter Egg Hunt Coloring
  50. Easter Egg Mania
  51. Easter Eggin'
  52. Easter Fairy Escape
  53. Easter Golf
  54. Easter Jokes
    1. Easter Jokes
    2. Easter One-Liners
    3. Funny Easter Bunny Jokes
    4. Funny Easter Bunny Stories
    5. Rabbit Jokes
  55. Easter Origami Fortune Teller
  56. Easter Post Office
  57. Easter Puzzle
  58. Easter Rush
  59. Easter Tic-Tac-Toe
  60. Easter Trivia
    1. Easter Quizzes
    2. Easter Trivia Game
    3. Easter Truvia Quiz
  61. Egg Catch
  62. Egg Run
  63. Egg Shooter: Shoot the Easter eggs to match three or more eggs to clear them from the board
  64. Egg Decorating
  65. Egg Hunt
  66. Epic FAIL:  One Bunny.  One life.  Many Traps.
  67. Fly Away Rabbit Game
  68. Funny Bunny.  Enjoy watching the lighthearted bunny hop about, make faces and giggle. He's got all day!
  69. Funny Easter Game
  70. Happy Easter Puzzle
  71. [The] Hard Luck Easter Egg Hunt
  72. [The] Hen And The Easter Eggs
  73. Highway to Bunny Heaven
  74. Mr. B's Blowing Bubbles Web
  75. Online Bunny Coloring
  76. Our Definitive List of the Best and Worst Easter Candy, Ranked
  77. Rabbit Trap
  78. Sara's Cooking Class:  Sugar Cookies
  79. Save the Bunny Game:  Fred the Bunny heart has stopped beating. You'll need to quickly operate in order to save him.
  80. Silly Easter Bunny Game
  81. Snake & Bunny
  82. Squirrel Spring
  83. Typing Challenge: 100 Easter Words Quiz
  84. Whomp!  Buddy the Easter Bunny is under attack. Can he fight off the critters that are after his eggs?

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