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The Budget Pig - Financing Your College Education

NOTE:  All campuses will have financial services for students.  Get to know these people and let them help you be comfortable with the arrangements you make if you continue your education after high school.  They are there to help you.
  1. The Game of College Financial Aid Guided Notes (.pdf form)
    1. Are You Ready for College? Take this Quiz and Find Out (.pdf self-assessment with scoring rubric)
    2. Financial Aid:  What do you know? (.pdf self-assessment)
    3. Finanical Aid 101:  How much do you know? (.pdf self-assessment)
    4. Getting the Most Out of Class:  College and high school are very different.  Here's some tips 'N tricks for success
    5. Federal Student Aid at a Glance 2015–16
    6. Financial Aid Fundamentals:  How to Pay for College (.pdf)
    7. Scholarship Tracker (.pdf)
    8. ACT vs. SAT: Which one is best for you? (.pdf)
    9. College Scorecard:  Find and Compare Schools Online
  2. Choosing, Applying, and Getting Accepted to College:
    1. Colleges by Admission Test Scores:  Where Can I Go With My Scores?
    2. Researching College Options
    3. Know More No Less Workbook:  How to Get Exactly What You Need to Go to College
    4. Paying for College:  Helpful Links from U.S. News & World Report
    5. You're Going to College: A comprehensive set of links to cover almost everything a new college student needs to learn before starting (EconEdLink)
  3. Online College Readiness Assessments:  Please remember, these are just exercises to focus on preparing to succeed in post-secondary education.  They do no reflect any student's readiness when they begin their first semester freshman year.  They are not achievement or amplitude tests.  It is up to each of use to commit to being successful when we leave high school!
    1. Are You Ready for College? (Cafe College)
    2. Are You Ready for College? (Quibblo)
    3. Financial Aid Quiz
    4. Study Quiz
    5. Take the Financial Aid Quiz
    6. Test your college financial aid IQ
    7. Test Your Knowledge of Financial Aid Acronyms

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