Web designPerhaps no class in school is as dynamic as Web Design.  Technology changes.  All other content-areas in school change too, but where have you seen more change than in the way we access and use the Internet?

Web design is the creative process of combining these elements :

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One of the greatest challenges is to design and update web so that they work on different devises that are commonly used or that are new and growing in popularity.  This is not a coding/web development class. 

Will focus on what a web should look like, how users would interact with it, and how content should be structured so that web developers can achieve our design:

  1. Evaulating Websites:  Design & Content
  2. What makes a good web design?
  3. Compatibility Across Platforms & Devises
  4. Compatibility Across Browsers
  5. Layout
  6. Color
  7. Graphics
  8. Fonts
  9. Content
  10. ADA Compliance
  11. Interactivity
  12. Multimedia
  13. Hosting & Domains
  14. HTML Editors
    1. WIX
    2. Dreamweaver

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