Business Law:  Ethical Foundation of Laws

  1. Ethics & Law:  Doing what's right (includes three case studies, downloadable, printable .pdf file)
  2. Graphic Organizers:  The Law & The Courts
    1. Chapter 1, Section 1
    2. Chapter 2, Section 2
  3. Case Study:  5 Myths about the McDonald's Coffee Case (downloadable, printable .pdf)
  4. The Law and the Courts:  Americans with Disabilities Act Mediation Program
  5. 'Calexit' organizers can now start collecting signatures to get California secession [from the United States of America] on the ballot (Case study)


  1. e-Flashcards:  Chapter 1
  2. Interactive Crossword Puzzle:  Chapter 1 terms
  3. Chapter 1 Self-Check (Interactive quiz)
  4. Project:  Eminent Domain Case Study
    1. Milwaukee Belt Railroad (Based on a current railroad proposal by Great Lakes Basin Transportation)
    2. Case Study Rubric
    3. Great Lakes Basin Transportation Homepage
    4. What is Eminent Domain? (video, 2:45)
    5. WISC News Report: Proposed railroad raises concerns among landowners (video, 2:19)
    6. Podcast:  Mr. Breitsprecher, Great Lakes Basin Rail News Views (Radio interview, 5/20/2016)

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